Supported Configurations for Android

The Ooyala Mobile SDK for Android supports:
  • Android OS version 4.1 or later
  • MP4 and HLS streams
  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) for Android 4.1 or later.
  • Videos in MP4 container with baseline H.264 format

Google ExoPlayer

For Google ExoPlayer integration support, see Integration with Google ExoPlayer on Android.

Considerations for Android

  • The SDK uses device-defined Closed Captions Style information. Android has supported this since 4.x. However, some devices, including some older Samsung devices, do not support these features.
  • The SDK is known to work with Google TV, but this is not a supported configuration.
Important: Widevine Classic is no longer supported, which means that .wvm, .wv_mp4, and .wv_hls files are no longer supported.

Secure Connections

Both HTTP and HTTPS Connections supported. The default is HTTP. To enable all connections to run over HTTPS, add the following:

     player = new OoyalaPlayer(pcode, playerDomain, options);


     player = new OoyalaPlayer(pcode, playerDomain, options);