The API Ping URL is invoked whenever a file transcode process ends, whether or not it is successful.

In the Backlot UI, go to the ACCOUNT tab, Developers subtab, you can set the API Ping URL. The API Ping URL is for you to receive a GET request containing the embedCode (content ID or asset ID assigned to a video or other asset) whenever transcoding completes for an API-uploaded movie.

If transcoding has failed, you will still receive a notification. However, in this case you will not receive an embed code.

The notification usually occurs only once per movie unless the content is reprocessed or replaced. Multiple URLs separated by commas can be specified. Maximum character length is 4,096 bytes. The URL you enter must be reachable at the time you enter it; the system checks whether it is a valid URL or not.

For example, if you set the API Ping URL as follows, when processing is successful, Backlot executes it with embed code in the query string:

   [GET] http://foobar.com?foo=bar&embedCode=ReturnedEmbedCodeHere

Example of a commonly named API Ping URL: