Integrate with the Cleeng Paywall

This topic provides an overview of the integration of the Cleeng paywall with Ooyala.

Note: Ooyala's integration with Cleeng works with both Player V4 and Player V3.

About Ooyala-Cleeng Integration

The Ooyala-Cleeng paywall integration is a turnkey solution that helps you monetize your Live, TVOD, and SVOD content. Integrating Ooyala with the Cleeng paywall enables you to instantly start monetizing your content while providing your viewers with a fast, seamless checkout experience.

Integration Features

When integrated with Ooyala, the Cleeng paywall provides the following key capabilities:

  • Live, TVOD, and SVOD support
  • Accepts payments in 12 currencies in over 170 countries
  • Social login support
  • Encryption and watermarking support
  • Standard currencies and automatic currency conversion
  • In-depth reporting
  • Integration with the Ooyala Player Token
  • Monetization options (pay-per-view, rental, bundles and pass, and subscriptions)
  • Many payment methods (including Cleeng credits, major credit cards, PayPal, and mobile payments)
  • Customization using the Cleeng API

Integration Instructions

To begin your integration, start by registering a Cleeng account at the Cleeng registration page. Once registered, this link will take you to your Cleeng dashboard page.

Integration Technical Support

For technical support of Ooyala-Cleeng integrations:

Contact For
Publisher End users contact the publisher with questions via their Cleeng dashboard.
Cleeng First-line support regarding paywall, payment, and authentication issues, such as Cleeng account login, viewing initial paywall page, payment verification, and re-accessing videos.
Brightcove Technical Support Post-transaction issues, including video playback and quality.