About Sub-accounts

Multiple Backlot accounts can be linked as master and sub-accounts.

If you have multiple accounts and want to set up sub-accounts, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Associating a sub-account with a master account results in the sub-account appearing in the ALL SOURCES label. This new label contains all the content from the sub-account, which can be viewed in the master account. The content from the sub-account loses its existing label structure and appears flat in the master account.

Sub-account content viewed in the master account has the same embed code (content ID or asset ID) in the sub-account and master account. Changing the title, description, or metadata of the content in the master account results in these same changes in the sub-account. Videos copied from the master to a sub-account will have their own embed code and changes made to the copied asset will not affect the original asset.
Note: When an asset is copied to another account (master to sub-account or sub-account to master account), it will be considered a separate ingestion and transcoding charges are applicable. With every ingestion a new embed code is created. While the master account has access to the same videos within a sub-account and can use the same embed code, the sub-account is not able to see the assets that were uploaded via the master account or assets from another sub-account. To copy content from sub-accounts or master accounts to another account, please contact Brightcove Technical Support, as this process is not recommended.

Deleting an asset from the master or sub-account results in that asset being removed from the other account.

The master account can view analytics data for the sub-accounts, but cannot filter the analytics data by sub-account.

Publishing rules and ad settings applied in the master account are not reflected in the sub-accounts. An asset can and likely will have a different syndication setting or ad set in the master account and sub-account. For ad sets, one ad_set_id will belong to the master and another ad_set_id will belong to the sub-account. For syndications, one syndication_id will belong to the master and another syndication_id will belong to the sub-account.