Discovery Lift Report

The Discovery Lift report measures the growth in number of plays due to Discovery. Discovery Lift is defined as the total number of Discovery plays expressed as a percentage of the total number of organic plays.


If there were 100 organic plays and 20 Discovery plays in a week, the Discovery Lift would be 20*100/100, or 20%.

Report File Name

The report file name is Discovery_lift_<yyyymmdd>_<yyyymmdd>_<PID>.csv.

Report Fields

The report includes the following fields.
Field Description
Player_ID The Backlot ID of the Ooyala player. A player_ID of '0' is used to show aggregate metrics across all players.
Player_Name The Backlot name of the Ooyala player.
Date The date the lift was generated.
Aggregate_Lift Total lift covering plays from the Discovery end screen and pause screen.
End_Screen The lift from the Discovery end screen alone, including auto-plays.
End_Screen_ excludingAutoplay The lift from the Discovery end screen alone, excluding auto-plays.
Pause_Screen The lift from the Discovery pause screen.
*PID in the file name is the Provider ID and an Ooyala reference for your Backlot account. Each account has a different Provider ID. You can therefore use this to distinguish your CSV reports if you have multiple Backlot accounts.
Note: If you are using more than one Ooyala player, views from players that do not have Discovery enabled are still counted as organic plays, resulting in a lower than actual lift.

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