Integrate with Adways Studio

Ooyala's integration with Adways Studio enables you to enhance the playback experience for Ooyala-hosted videos.

Note: Ooyala's integration with Adways is currently only supported for Player V3.

About Ooyala-Adways Integration

Adways Studio is a cloud-based authoring tool that allows you to add overlays and clickable hotspots to your video content to provide your users with engaging, interactive experiences.

Integration provides Ooyala customers with the following key capabilities:

  • Use Adways Studio to design, build, and link interactive hotspots with your Ooyala-hosted video assets. Hotspots function as an independent, interactive layer on your videos. For examples, see the Adways Studio Gallery, a Discovery example, and other examples.
  • Provide video consumers with single-click access to product information, quick links within and across videos, branching, ads, marketing campaigns, quizzes, social media posts, photo sharing, and other features.
  • Leverage Ooyala and Adways analytics to gain insights via user interaction and behavior tracking.
  • Use Ooyala-hosted videos with other Adways functionality, including developer resources that enable programmatic access and customization.

Integration Setup

For Ooyala-Adways integration, you must have:
  • an Adways account (provisioned by Ooyala)
  • an Ooyala account
If integration is not already enabled, contact your Ooyala account representative to activate and link your Ooyala and Adways accounts.
Note: If your site performs domain blocking, you need to whitelist the domain in order for the interactive elements to load.

Add Interactivity to Your Videos

Here is the basic workflow for adding interactivity using Adways Studio:
  • Create a new project, select Ooyala as the video source, and then copy and paste the Content ID associated with the video asset into the project.
  • Add interactivity. Select and configure a new hotspot, select and configure a pop-up action (using pre-built templates or an iframe), and link the hotspot to the pop-up.
  • Publish the project and add the embed code or iframe code to the page hosting the video.
For details, refer to your Adways documentation and the Adways Tutorial.

Integration Technical Support

For technical support of Adways Studio and Ooyala-Adways integrations, file a ticket on the Customer Portal.

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