Integrate with NewZulu

The Ooyala integration with NewZulu's FileMobile and Media Factory products allow users to seamlessly combine NewZulu's content collection, curation, and workflow capabilities with Ooyala analytics, advertising, and video services.

About Ooyala-NewZulu Integration

NewZulu's FileMobile product provides desktop and mobile users with an easy to use, responsive video upload and integrated playback experience. Once integration is set up:

  • NewZulu ingest. Users upload videos and other files via widgets (such as their Uploader widget) and APIs to NewZulu's Media Factory. Media Factory also collects streamed content (live streams, social media, RSS, and so on).
  • Ooyala Ingest. Media Factory provides configurable workflow capabilities to push collected content (along with any associated metadata) to the Ooyala platform via Ingesting with FTP / FTPS. Users can configure trigger options to push content to Ooyala automatically, to push only reviewed and approved content, or to send moderated content individually. In addition to standard metadata (for example, information about the user who uploaded the content), Media Factory can pass on custom metadata.
  • Content ID for Playback. Once ingested, Ooyala returns the asset's external content ID to Media Factory. This reference allows for interactive playback of the content using NewZulu widgets (such as their Gallery Widget) or their API.

Integration Setup Instructions

To set up integration, you'll need:

  • an Ooyala account
  • a NewZulu account
In Media Factory, you will need to configure how to push content to Ooyala. This requires:
  • your Ooyala account information (login credentials, API key, and API secret)
  • FTP configuration settings
Refer to the NewZulu's integration instructions for setup details. For more information about NewZulu products, refer to their Developer Documentation Portal.

Integration Technical Support

For technical support of Ooyala-NewZulu integrations:

Contact For
NewZulu Technical Support Issues associated with NewZulu widgets, APIs, and Media Factory, including content uploads and collection, curation, approvals, workflow, and push to the Ooyala platform.
Ooyala Customer Portal. Post-publishing issues, including video playback and quality, Ooyala analytics, and ad serving.