Delivering Live Content

From a single self-service interface, create and update channels, schedules, events, playlists, and monitor channel output.

Content Delivery Workflow

Basic setup for delivering live content only requires having a single channel.

Live Content Delivery Workflow

Use the Live Channel capabilities to manage and stream Live content.

24x7 or Adhoc Channels

Channels are the highest level logical container for content.

Considerations What You Can Do
  • You must have at least one channel to stream content.
  • Important: Channel set up depends on your network and the resources you use to stream live content.
  • Channels don't have to have schedules.
  • Channels may contain schedule. Schedules contain events.
  • Important: A channel must be stopped to enable live syndication of social media.
  • Add channels.
  • View all the channels you have created.
  • View existing slates and upload new slates.
  • View notifications.
  • Start and stop channels.
  • Live syndication of social media.

High Availability (HA) Channels

Considerations What You Can Do
  • You must have at least two channels, either ad-hoc or 24x7, to create an HA channel.
  • Associated subchannels are controlled by the HA channel.
  • Schedule and manage events on an HA channel.
  • Hot swap HA subchannels.


Considerations What You Can Do
  • You must have a profile that is enabled for clipping before you can see and enable clipping for a channel.
  • The DVR setting for your channel also defines the size of the clipping buffer, for example a 30 DVR window gives you a 30 minute clipping buffer.
  • Capture segement of live streaming content and save them to Backlot for rebroadcasting.
  • Clip from the clipping buffer which represents the last n minutes of the channels live stream.

Schedules and Events

Schedules—provide a time frame to which you add events to capture live streaming content.
Considerations What You Can Do
  • Schedules must have a default channel.
  • The same schedule can be used on multiple channels.
  • You must create a schedule before you can create events.
  • Live syndication of social media does not require a schedule or event.
  • Maximum event lenght:
    • Azure = 24 hours
    • Elemental = 8 hours
  • Add schedules.
  • View schedules.
  • Delete schedules.
  • Change schedules.
Events—specify the time a channels live stream is captured for rebroadcasting and archchiving in Backlot.
Considerations What You Can Do
  • You must have a channel before you can schedule an event.
  • Maximum length for an event is 8 hours.
  • The same event can be on multiple schedules.
  • Add events.
  • Remove events.
  • View event status.
  • View event details.
  • Start events.
  • Stop events.
Once you have added channels you can create schedules and events to record segments of what is streaming on the channel. Those events can be stored as Backlot assets.
Playlists allow you to stream Backlot assets on a Live Channel.


Create playlists of prerecorded videos stored in Ooyala Backlot. Stream the playlist content on a Live channel.
Important: The Playlist feature must be enabled before you can use it. Contact Ooyala to enable playlists in Ooyala Live.
Considerations What You Can Do
  • Your encoder profile must be enabled for playlists.
  • Video used in your Live playlist must be stored in Backlot.
  • To remove a Playlist you must remove the channel it is associated with.
  • A channel can have only one playlist associated to it.
  • Create playlists.
  • Edit playlists.
  • Remove playlists.
  • Manage and arrange playlists.