Ooyala Pulse Live Stream Integration (SSAI)

Integrate Ooyala Pulse with Ooyala live for seamless server-side ad insertion (SSAI).

Ooyala Live offers integration with Ooyala Pulse to enable SSAI. Your Ooyala representative will onboard your Pulse account and integrate it with your Live account, which will have exclusive access to the Pulse account. Your ads will be automatically downloaded and transcoded (there is a Pulse service that searches for ads every 10 minutes).

Note: This capability supports only HTTP Live Streaming (HLS ). Therefore, when you create your channel, use an HLS output template.

With Personalized SSAI, the ad server customizes the ads it displays to each individual user. It is possible that many users may get the same set of ads in the same order, but the decisions are still made individually for each user.

When you create a channel for a personalized ad (personalized for users), you must create a publishing rule called SSAI in your Backlot account (see Creating Publishing Rules).

Note: It is recommended that you use Ooyala Player V4, which supports playback in HLS. Ooyala Player V3 does not support HLS on the web.

To integrate Pulse ads in your live stream, follow these steps in the Ooyala Live UI:

  1. In General Setup, select Ooyala Package and Ooyala Encode and click Next Step.
  2. Select the Encoding Setup according to your profile and click Next Step.
  3. In Packaging Setup > Packager Output Filter Template, select any compliant output package. For example, if you select HLS_Only your Output Type will be hls. Click Next Step.
    Note: Details of non-compliant output packages are also listed. However, if you select a non-compliant output package you will not be able to click the ad Enabled check box in the next step.
  4. On the Ad Setup screen, click the Enabled checkbox and click Next Step.
  5. Select a Slate that will ensure the entire ad break is filled. If applicable click Personalize Ads. Fill in Tags and Categories as applicable to your campaign in Pulse for personalized ads. Click Next Step and review the Summary: your channel will be created at this point.
    Note: When you upload a Slate you can check a box indicating whether it is an Ad Slate, which must be an MP4 video at least 5 seconds in length, cannot be an image.
  6. Once you have confirmed the channel is up and running, you can visit your test page, where you will see an Ad Insert button that you can use. Set the duration of the ad break and click Start.
  7. You will be provided with a standalone ad test page with the Ooyala Player Token enabled: this test page allows you to view the ads that a user would see during an ad break. On that test page, click the Optional tab and specify a tag used for personalized ads. For each tag you specify, you will see a unique personalized ad associated with that tag.

To insert third-party ads mid-roll into a Live stream, first use Pulse to add a third-party ad for a campaign goal. Then, create an SSAI channel for the Pulse campaign that has the third-party ad.

  1. In Pulse, add a third-party ad for a campaign goal:
    1. In the Add a new ad for goal… dialog, click the tab.
    2. In the 3rd Party Ad URL (VAST) field, enter the URL of the ad’s VAST file. For testing purposes, you can use http://aptest.adtech-union.tv/proxy/distributor/v2?rt=vast_3.0&t=midroll2.
    3. Click Save.
    4. Wait from 5 to 10 minutes for the changes to take effect.
  2. Insert the third-party ad into an Ooyala Live stream.
    1. In Ooyala Live, create an SSAI channel for the Pulse campaign that has the third-party ad.
    2. Insert an ad break.
    3. Start the SSAI channel, play some of the ads, verify the slate that was played, and stop the channel.

Note: The first time a specific third-party ad is encountered; it does not play because it has not been transcoded. Instead, it is submitted for transcoding. After transcoding, when it the third-party ad is encountered, it plays.

To change an ad slate for an SSAI channel:

  1. In Live, if only one ad slate exists, upload a new ad slate.
  2. Wait up to 10 minutes for the ad to be transcoded.
  3. View the status of the new ad slate.
  4. In Live, click View channel details.
  5. Click the Ad Settings tab.
  6. Change the Ad Slate parameter to the new ad slate.
  7. Start the channel, insert an ad break, and verify that the new ad slate has been played.

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