Ingestion Release Notes

MRSS Feed Validator for OIS v2.5 (2018-01-04)

The Ooyala MRSS Feed Validator has been updated with a new DTD and now works with OIS v2.5. See Ingesting from a Remotely Hosted MRSS Feed.

Support for VR 360 Uploads via OIS (2017-12-20)

This release introduces support for uploading VR 360 videos into Backlot using OIS. Uploading a VR 360 video is similar to ingesting a flat video, with the addition of metadata that is unique to VR 360 - label the file as VR 360 and specify the VR 360 type (monoscopic or stereoscopic). For an overview, see VR 360 Videos.

Dashboard Enhancements and In-Region Ingestion (2017-10-12)

  • Performance enhancements increase the average speed of content being ingested. Content is more quickly available for playback.
  • In-region ingestion and transcoding using Azure Media services, reducing overall ingestion and transcoding time and keeping content in the same region as the customer. See About Ingesting Content.
  • New search feature in Ingestion Dashboard. Look up an asset that is being ingested and view its status.
  • More information visible to more user roles in Ingestion Dashboard. It is no longer required to log in with Upload Only privileges to see the Ingestion Dashboard (Ingestion Feed Activity tab). All user roles can now see this dashboard. The amount of information that can be seen is determined by the credentials used to log in to Backlot, as shown in the following table:
User Role Added Functionality
Upload Only View the status of ingest jobs you initiated.
All other user roles View the Ingestion Dashboard. Track the ingestion status of all content uploaded into the Backlot account from OIS using all credentials.

See Viewing the Ingest Log in Backlot.

New Language and Framerate Options for Closed Caption Ingestion (2017-06-08)

If you use manifest files to ingest closed caption files via the Ooyala Ingestion Service (OIS), you can now optionally specify the language and framerate of the closed caption file. See Ingesting Closed Caption Files for details.

New Ingestion Dashboard (2017-05-10)

The Backlot UI added an Ingestion Feed Activity tab that displays a read-only log of files submitted for ingestion to Backlot via the Ooyala Ingestion Service (OIS). This dashboard displays the name and type of the submitted file, its processing status, and other related information. You can filter the view to narrow search results. To see this tab, you must log into Backlot as a user with upload only access. For details, see Viewing the Ingest Log in Backlot.

XML Manifest Validation in OIS v2.5 (2017-03-06)

For OIS 2.5 users, the system has been enhanced to allow unsupported elements and tags in XML manifest files. As long as the required Ooyala elements and tags (ooyala.dtd) are present, the system logs allows the ingestion process to continue without the process failing. Previously, unsupported tags in a manifest would cause an ingestion failure. See XML Manifest File.

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