Introducing the Online Video Platform

Ooyala’s Online Video Platform (OVP) provides a scalable, end-to-end solution for publishing and monetizing live streams and on demand video content across mobile and desktop devices. Ooyala provides a comprehensive set of GUI tools for end user access as well as APIs for programmatic access.

Video On Demand (VOD)

Ooyala's Online Video Platform provides end-to-end support for video on demand (VOD).
Step Description More Information
Capture External to Ooyala. Someone captures video and saves it as a video file encoded in a raw format.
Ingest You load the video file(s) into Ooyala Backlot under your account using:
  • Backlot GUI or Backlot API to upload videos
  • Ooyala Ingest Services (OIS) to load videos into Backlot via FTP, Aspera, and MRSS
Transcode & Store Using the processing profile associated with that customer, Ooyala Transcoding Services (OTS) converts the file(s) from the ingested (raw / encoded) format to a different format that is optimized for streaming. Transcoded files are stored in the origin and use CDN for delivery.
Manage In Backlot, you can curate your video assets and enhance the playback experience by configuring:
Publish Publishing your video involves the following tasks:
  • In Backlot, create and configure Ooyala players.
  • In Backlot, associate a player with your video asset.
  • On the web page, add code to embed the video (with its associated player and your provider code).
  • Configure content protections (DRM, OTP, syndication controls, or other controls).
Monetize Optional. Ooyala enables you to monetize your video assets via:
  • subscriptions (occur before playback)
  • transactions (occur before playback)
  • ads (occur during or after playback)
Playback Using a mobile or desktop device, a web user launches the video you embedded on the page. Backlot streams the video to the user via the configured player, along with any associated content (ads, closed captions, images, discovery recommendations, and so on). Adaptive bitrate (ABR) provides for a smooth playback experience.
Analyze During playback, Ooyala IQ captures and report on event metrics so that you can learn from the performance of your video. You can also integrate third-party analytics into the player.

Ooyala Live

Ooyala's Online Video Platform provides end-to-end support for live streaming.
For more information, see the Ooyala Live User Guide.
Note: Live streams can be recorded and saved for VOD.
Step Description
source Customer ingests a single source feed to the Encoder.
encode The Encoder converts the source into one of the acceptable stream formats for Ooyala Live and generates ABR streams.
package The Packager generates multiple stream formats (HLS/Dash/Smooth) just in time for delivery.
syndicate Stream live video to third-party services (Facebook, Twitter/Periscope, and Twitch).
server-side ad insertion Optional. You can use Ooyala Pulse to insert ads into a live stream.
CDN Once multiple streams are generated, they are replicated into the CDN for delivery / Player consumption.
playback Live stream playback using the Ooyala Player and mobile SDKs.
analyze During live streaming, Ooyala IQ captures and reports event metrics (user actions / behaviors).