Configuring Ad Parameters

On any page where you load Player V4 with integrated ads, you can use embedded, page-level ad parameters to configure ad settings.

Types of Embedded Parameters

There are two types of parameters you can use:

Precedence Varies Per Plugin

  • For Ooyala Pulse, FreeWheel, and VAST ads, settings configured inside the ad-manager hash will override settings configured outside of the ad manager hash.
  • For Google IMA, settings configured outside the ad-manager hash will override settings configured inside of the ad manager hash.

Global Parameters

The following global parameters work for all ad types supported by the Ooyala V4 player in this release. You can add any of these global parameters to the playerParam variable to modify the default ad settings.
Note: The showAdMarquee and showInAdControlBar parameters are no longer configurable at the page level or ad manager level. You can configure the ad marquee and control bar by modifying skin.json.
Name Description Type Required?
adLoadTimeout A value, in seconds, that is applied in two ways:
  • The Ad Manager Controller uses this parameter to control ad load timeouts (ad request plus ad playback) for all ad plugins. If the ad request was successful but the ad playback is taking too long to start, specifying this setting controls when ad playback times out. Default: 25 seconds
  • The Google IMA Ad Plugin uses this parameter to control the ad request timeout for Google IMA ads. Default: 15 seconds

Valid Values: Any integer greater than or equal to 0.

integer No
Note: This parameter is only for use with the Ooyala VAST and VPAID Ad Plugin.
  • If set to true (the default), when the user clicks or taps on an ad video or the learn more button, this action will pause the ad and open the clickthrough url in a new tab.
  • If set to false, tapping or clicking on the ad video will only pause (and later resume) the ad, but not open the clickthrough URL, and clicking or tapping on the learn more button still displays a new page.
Boolean No
linearAdSkipButtonStartTime A value, in seconds, after which the linear ad skip button will display. If set to 0, the skip button will appear immediately. If the ad is shorter than the time specified, the skip button will never appear. Can be any integer greater than or equal to 0 (default is 5 seconds). integer No
  • If set to true (the default), ad playback will pause when a user clicks on it.
  • If set to false, the ad will continue to play when clicked.
Boolean No
  • If set to true (the default), ads will play when a video is replayed.
  • If set to false, ads will not replay when the video is replayed.
Boolean No
  • If set to true, enables the skip ad button during video ads.
  • If set to false (the default), disables the skip ad button.
Boolean No
  • If set to true, the player will display a close button (X) for overlay ads.
  • If set to false (the default), the player will not display a close button for overlay ads.
Boolean No

Server Side Ad Insertion Plugin Parameters

To modify the ad setting for the Server Side Ad Insertion plugin, use the following parameter:
Name Description Type Required?
ssai-pulse-ads-manager.cacheBuster Implements cache busting for ad requests when using Server Side Ad Insertion.
  • If set to true (the default), URLs with the '[CACHEBUSTING]' macro will be replaced with a random string.
  • If set to false, URLs with the '[CACHEBUSTING]' macro will not be replaced with a random string.
Boolean No

Ad Manager Example

The following example shows modifying the general settings for the example ad manager. The embed code of an asset can be found in the Embed tab on the MANAGE page of Backlot.
Note: Wherever you see url_where_hosted in sample code, replace this (in your code) with the URL that points to where the resource is hosted. For a list of Ooyala-hosted paths, see Ooyala-hosted Player V4 Resources. The URL can point to a location on the same host (internal link) or on a separate host (prefixed with http:// or https://). If you host resources yourself (see Hosting Player V4 Resources), be sure to check for any path dependencies within the files.
<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>Ads Embedded Parameters Example</title>
        <!-- V4 JS core is required. Plugins such as skin, discovery and Advertising need to be loaded separately -->
        <script src="url_where_hosted/core.min.js"></script>
        <!-- Change these html5-skin.min.css and html5-skin.js to your local build if necessary -->
        <script src="url_where_hosted/html5-skin.min.js"></script>
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="url_where_hosted/html5-skin.min.css"/>
        <!-- A Video Plugin is required. This example shows the Main Video Plugin -->
        <script src="url_where_hosted/main_html5.min.js"></script>
        <!-- Ad module  - replace with an actual ad plugin-->
        <script src="url_where_hosted/ad_manager_example.js"></script>
        <div id="container" style="width:640px; height:360px;"></div>
            var playerParam = {
              "pcode": "YOUR_PCODE",
              "playerBrandingId": "YOUR_PLAYER_ID",
              "skin": {
                // Config contains the configuration setting for player skin. Change to your local config when necessary.
                "config": "url_where_hosted/skin.json"
              //Apply global ad parameters here
              //This is the ad manger-specific hash where you apply ad manager-specific parameters
                  "autoplay": false,
                  "preload": false,
                  "allowAdClickThroughOnVideo": true,
                  "replayAds": true
            OO.ready(function() {
              window.pp = OO.Player.create("container", "YOUR_ASSET_ID", playerParam);