Specifying Plugins for the Standard Embed Code

The standard embed code (see Configuring Player Embed Settings in Backlot provides a package of commonly used plugins so that you do not need to specify each one explicitly on a web page. However, for further optimization, you may explicitly specify only the player plugins you want in the embed script directly. This will typically make the player payload smaller than the default. For example:
<script src="http://player.ooyala.com/core/<playerid>?plugins=main,bm,ima,disc"></script>
This script dynamically packages, minifies, and delivers just the main_html5.js, bit_wrapper.js, google_ima.js, and discovery_api.js plugins, respectively, in addition to automatically loading the minimal required plugins (core.min.js and html5-skin.min.js).

Plugins That Are Loaded Automatically

The following plugins are required for the player to work and are therefore loaded automatically:
  • core.min.js
  • html5-skin.min.js
You do not specify these plugins on the web page.

Plugins You Can Specify

You can specify any of the following values to the plugins parameter. Other than the plugins that are loaded automatically, if you do not specify a plugin, it will not be loaded.
Type Plugin Value for plugins Param
video (at least one) main_html5.min.js main
  bit_wrapper.min.js bm
  osmf_flash.min.js osmf
  akamaiHD_flash.min.js akmi
  youtube.min.js (deprecated) yt
ads freewheel.min.js fw
  google_ima.min.js ima
  ad_manager_vast.min.js vast
  ooyala_ssai.js pulse
other playlists.min.js pl
  discovery_api.js disc
  ooyala_ssai.js ssai
analytics omniture.min.js adobe
  Nielsen.min.js nielsen
  conviva.min.js conviva
  googleAnalytics.min.js ga

Loading Sequence

Plugins are loaded in sequence:
  • first by plugin type - automatic, video, then all other types (ads, other, analytics), and then
  • by the sequence specified in the plugins parameter.
For example, if you specified the following on a web page:
<script src="http://player.ooyala.com/core/<playerid>?plugins=disco,main,bm,ima"></script>
The video plugins (main, bm) would be loaded first, then the disc plugin (other category), and then ima (ads category).