Player V3 (Deprecated)

Important: Ooyala Player V3 is deprecated and is scheduled to be disabled on 2018-01-31. After that date, Player V3 will no longer play your video or audio content. Customers still using Player V3 need to migrate to Player V4 (see Migrating from Player V3 and Player Migration FAQ).
Ooyala Player V3 is an advanced media player that is:
  • optimized for playback across mobile and desktop devices
  • highly configurable to ensure a customized user experience
  • designed for scalability, especially for large networks and broadcasters
  • integrated with Ooyala's analytics and third-party services

Types of Players

Ooyala provides the following types of players:

Getting Started

For tutorials and FAQs, see Getting Started with Player V3 (Deprecated).


Ooyala provides many options for customizing the player to enhance the user's playback experience.

Design-time player configuration:

Run-time programmatic control (web):

Run-time programmatic control (mobile):

Refer to the Use Cases for Customizing Player V3 (Deprecated) to help you decide which approach is best for your needs.

You can also customize the playback experience by building playlists using ThemeBuilder (see Theme Builder Customization for Player V3).

Integration and Extensibility

You can extend player functionality, such as adding monetization functionality, by integrating with third-party components (see Player V3 Integrations).

Embed Code Styles

The embed code style for the latest version of the player differs from previous player versions. See Comparing Embed Code Styles in Player V3 and Player V2 (Deprecated) and Migrating an Existing Embed Code to Player V3 (Deprecated) for details.

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