Use Cases for Customizing Player V3 (Deprecated)

Use cases for implementing Player V3.

Important: Ooyala Player V3 is deprecated and is scheduled to be disabled on 2018-01-31. After that date, Player V3 will no longer play your video or audio content. Customers still using Player V3 need to migrate to Player V4 (see Migrating from Player V3 and Player Migration FAQ).

Before You Customize

Deciding on how to customize a player depends on certain factors, such as:
  • The target environment (web or mobile) where the player will run
  • The specific player features that you want to customize
  • Whether you want to customize the player programmatically, use a GUI tool, or both

Customization Options

You can create and brand basic players using the Ooyala Backlot REST API or develop highly customized Ooyala HTML5 players using JavaScript.

Providing a player for your viewers is a fairly simple client-side based activity involving embedding a code representing the player on a web page. However, to provide your viewers with a unique, branded experience, you need more than just a player. You need the capability to highly customize the player experience. Ooyala gives you the capability to create, brand, and embed an Ooyala video player at different levels of ease and customization using any one of the following client-side mechanisms:

Table 1. Player V3 Customization Options
Mechanism Description
Ooyala Backlot UI This method of customization is only for Flash players. Backlot lets you create, brand, modify, and remove a basic player and add or remove player functionality all within the UI. The branding tools enable you to add or remove player functionality, add social sharing features, brand it with your logos, and change color schemes. You can create as many players as you like and make changes to your players at any time. If you want a simple player and want to embed a video with little or no programming, your can use the Backlot UI to meet your needs.
Ooyala Backlot also features a Backlot REST API Enables you easily perform all the activities that you do within the UI such as create, brand, modify, and remove a player and add or remove Flash player functionality. The Backlot REST API provides straightforward and relatively easy access to Backlot capabilities. If you want to add some programmatic customizations but want to use Backlot conventions for your customization, use the Backlot REST API to get the job done. See Setting up Players Using the Backlot REST API (Deprecated) and Players (Backlot REST API).
Developing with the Player V3 JavaScript API (Deprecated) Enables you to create, brand, and extensively customize (re-skin) HTML5-based players through the use of JavaScript APIs and standard HTML5 styling. Player V3 extends your control and player branding capabilities so that you can create a completely customized player experience. In addition to giving you the ability to create and customize players using JavaScript, Player V3 also allows you to "pass-through" your existing ActionScript-based players so that your legacy players continue to work. The Ooyala Player V3 is the solution for creating highly-customized HTML5-based players where you want extensive control over the player, player behavior, and the ability to include your own custom modules (OPF type customizations) with your player experience. See Developing with the Player V3 JavaScript API (Deprecated).

For additional customization resources:

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