Playlists are ordered groupings of video content.

You can build playlists by specific video assets or by label. With playlists, you can control the content your viewers can access within a theme. You can also organize the content in the playlist. For example, you can create a western theme and have it contain a playlist filled with western movies, ordered by release date.
  • The maximum number of videos you can add to a playlist is 64.
  • The maximum number of labels you can associate with a playlist is 16.
  • Allow some time for the playlist you create to be propagated through the Ooyala systems. If you are doing a demonstration, it is best to use playlists you have created previously.

Note: Playlists are not visible by default. If you do not enable pods for your player, playlists are not visible to users. To make playlists visible to users, enable pods by associating the playlist and pod with a player.

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