Theme Builder Overview

Theme Builder creates rich collections of video content that you can embed on your web site. Working with Theme Builder involves just three general steps.

To create a Theme Builder embed, you do the following:
  1. Create one or more Playlists: On Theme Builder's Playlists palette, you create collections of your videos (playlists) to specify the content your viewers can access within a theme. You can organize the content in the playlist.
  2. Configure one or more Players: On the Players tab, you define the video player and the branding you want to use on your site, including but not limited to the following:
    • user controls
    • buffer settings
    • advertising countdown message
    • color theme and highlight color
    • scrubber and watermark branding images
  3. Generate Embed Codes: On the Embed palette, you create embeds using the players and playlists that you created. The embed is JavaScript code that you can put on your web site.


Before using Theme Builder, make sure you have a collection of videos in Backlot. If you want to automatically create playlists using labels, make sure to defined any required labels in Backlot.