VPAID Ads Embedded Parameters in Player V3 (Deprecated)

Important: Ooyala Player V3 is deprecated and is scheduled to be disabled on 2018-01-31. After that date, Player V3 will no longer play your video or audio content. Customers still using Player V3 need to migrate to Player V4 (see Migrating from Player V3 and Player Migration FAQ).
You can pass VPAID ad-service-related tags to the Player V3 with the embedded parameters.
Note: To use Ooyala’s VPAID ad module, log into the Support Center and submit a ticket requesting that this ad source be added to your account. Once it’s enabled, you’ll be able create adsets for your player.
Ads positions behave somewhat differently on desktop and mobile devices:
  • Flash Desktop supports all ad positions.

VPAID Parameters

Use the vpaid-ads-manager parameter to pass VPAID Ad Manger tags to the Ooyala player.
Note: To use this parameter, you need to get the Ooyala OPF SDK (1.5.6 or later) and have Flash Builder 4.5 or later. To get the OPF SDK, contact your account manager.
The parameter takes the key value pairs listed in the following topic. adTag and 'some url' . You need to change the key value pair 'some url' to the actual VPAID Ad Tag containing the response.

The following is an example of the vpaid-ads-manager parameter:

var videoPlayer = OO.Player.create('playerwrapper', 'embed_code', {
  height: '100%',
  width: '100%',
  'vpaid-ads-manager': {
    adTag: 'some url',

Key Value Pairs for vpaid-ads-manager

The key value pairs for the vpaid-ads-manager are as follows:


When value equals to adjusted, the module will resize the ad, so that controls or marquee don't take space from it. For example:

adLayout: 'adjusted'

This value will override the Ad tag for loading the VAST xml file. For example

adTag: 'http://myAdServer.com/myVast'


This value shows the default player control bar. For example:

showInAdControlBar: 'true'
Note: This will not work with layout=chromeless or when the parameter "Always show scrubber bar" is enabled for the player.

When set to true this value will keep playing the video ads, even if the user clicks the ad and gets redirected. For example:

playWhenAdClick: 'true'

This value will show a white marquee with the message: "Your video will resume in x seconds"

showAdMarquee: 'true'