2012-02-27 Release

Updates include the iOS SDK, Player API documentation, a new Ingestion Guide, and social aspects of the Support Center.

The following are release items:

  • iOS SDK—With Native SDKs, you can build and publish applications for iOS mobile devices and tablets. For more information, go to the Resources Page.
  • Player API Documentation—The Player API documentation was rewritten and is now a part of the Ooyala Support Center. For more information, go to the Player V3 JavaScript API Reference (Deprecated).
  • New Ingestion Guide—Previously, there was little documentation for the different methods of uploading content. Now, Ooyala has a new guide that describes how to use FTP, Aspera, and other ingest options. For more information, go to the Backlot Ingestion Guide.
  • Social Support Center—The Ooyala Support Center is now social. While navigating through the support center and documentation, you can tweet, email, or share pages through Facebook. Additionally, you can leave feedback about any page of the documentation. For more information, go to the Backlot User Documentation and check out the icons to the right of the main pane.