2012-11-16 Release

Updates include improvements to Ooyala Discovery, improvements and additions to content protection and playback, a new MANAGE page in Backlot, content replacement, the ability to create and update ad sets via API, enhanced uploader widget, and the addition of Live Asset syndication.

The following are release items:

  • Ooyala Discovery

    • Algorithm performance enhancements—provides performance improvements that increase the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) from Discovery screen and improves recommendation quality/completion rates via user experience and APIs. This is an automatic change and does not require any action on your part.
    • VOD + Live Recommendations—provides live programming Ooyala Discovery recommendations. You can generate VOD to Live and Live to VOD recommendations. This is an automatic update for Ooyala Discovery customers.
    • Twitter Cards—provides a turnkey method of playing your content directly within Twitter, using Twitter Cards. We host the embedded player and provide a single API request to generate required Twitter metadata, minimizing your development effort. For more information, see Integration with Twitter Player Cards.
    • Cross-Device Continuous Playback—enables viewers to start watching a video on one device, stop, and then continue watching that video at a later time on the same or a different device. The content will automatically resume playback where they left off. For more information, refer to the Cross-device Resume (XDR) documentation.
    • Electronic Programming Guide (Limited Availability)—enables you to create your own multichannel TV station by providing multi-track linear programming through the Backlot V2 API extensions. You can synchronize a Backlot-powered Electronic Programming Guide with any linear broadcast scheduling system through an easy XML-based adapter and receive Audience Insights reports detailing audience size metrics per live program, including the number of concurrent viewers. For more information, contact Sales, your Customer Success Manager, or Technical Support.
    • Ooyala Discovery Configuration through Backlot—offers full configuration of Ooyala Discovery through the Backlot UI. You can specify content filtering rules, promote content, generate rules for sequential content, and enable the pause and end screens. In addition, this release allows Discovery settings to be conveniently associated per individual Player profile, allowing a different set of Discovery behavior across different client player profiles. This feature will be available to all Ooyala Discovery customers on November 30, 2013.
  • Content Protection and Playback

    • Google Widevine DRM—provides content packaging and client integration using Google’s Widevine DRM. Widevine is supported by our iOS and Android SDKs. Additionally, it can protect content delivered to Connected TVs, including Samsung, LG, Panasonic and others. For more information, contact Sales, your Customer Success Manager, or Technical Support.
    • Enhanced Policy Management—Support for multiple DRM policies for different DRM systems, such as Adobe Access and Google Widevine.
    • Flash Player Performance Improvements—made improvements that reduce load time by up to 10%. This is an automatic change and does not require any action on your part.
    • Windows 8 Application Support—you can now build desktop and tablet (such as the Microsoft Surface) Windows 8 Apps using our V3 HTML5 player. For more information, refer to the HTML5 Player V3 Apps for Microsoft Windows 8 (Deprecated) documentation.
  • Backlot and Analytics

    • New HTML-based Manage Tab—Now enabled for all customers, Backlot runs in HTML 5 and Ajax instead of Flash. The main benefits are faster caching, improved performance, better channel management, and replacement of the Darkroom. This is an automatic change and does not require any action on your part.
    • Content Replacement—you can now replace a video asset at any time. Content Replacement is most valuable to large news and media organizations that are continuously and rapidly changing the content of the same video assets. This enables them to update stories throughout the day with fresh content, without losing valuable engagement metrics and syndication opportunities. For more information, see ../tasks/api_asset_replacement.html.
    • Creating and Managing Ad Sets via APIs—enables you to create and manage Ads and Ad Sets through our APIs. Ad rules and ad strategy can now be managed and automated programmatically, in addition to configuration through the Backlot UI. For more information, see Ad Sets.
    • Enhanced uploader widget built on the V2 APIs—enables you to seamlessly upload content into Backlot through customer-owned websites or applications that use packaged uploader libraries.
    • Live Asset Syndication—enables you to syndicate live streams provisioned within Backlot to external destinations, just like VOD assets. Live Asset Syndication will be available to all customers on November 21, 2013.