2014-07-29 Release

Notable changes include new default player features. In the Flash player you can now hide the control bar during ad playback and apply a TV rating watermark to your assets. These features will be available for HTML5 soon. In the HTML5 player you can now programmatically override any VAST ads or ad sets applied in Backlot.

Software Feature Releases

The following are new software release items.

showInAdControlBar Player Parameter

Player Parameter

Note: This parameter is only available for the Flash player.

You can now hide the control bar during ad playback by setting the ‘showInAdControlBar’ player parameter to false in an option hash tag. This global parameter works for all ad types supported by Ooyala. This is the preferred method for hiding the control bar during ad playback.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the Google IMA embedded parameter also called ‘showInAdControlBar’ (described below), remove the Google IMA parameter and use this new global parameter instead.

Google IMA Parameter

The Google IMA parameter showInAdControlBar, available for Flash and HTML5, is used to hide the control bar during playback of Google IMA ads only. The Google IMA showInAdControlBar parameter will be supported for ads that already use it, but we will deprecate it and stop supporting it in the future.

Note: Do not attempt to use both the Ooyala player and Google IMA showInAdControlBar parameters concurrently as this will lead to inconsistent results.

Hiding the Control Bar for Ad Playback in a Parameter Hash Tag

FCC TV Ratings

Ooyala Flash player is now FCC compliant for displaying TV ratings associated with broadcast content. You can now apply a TV rating watermark to your assets via custom metadata in Backlot and player embedded parameters. TV ratings are applied at the asset level, and each asset can only have one TV rating. The TV rating watermark appears when the video starts playing and will appear again when the video resumes after ad playback.

Note: This feature is only available for Flash desktop.

Adding a TV Rating Watermark to a Flash Player

Override a VAST Ad Set with the vastAds Parameter

Note: This feature is only available for the HTML5 player.

With the vastAds parameter you can programmatically override any VAST ads or ad sets applied in Backlot. This feature allows you to add VAST ads to an asset as pre-roll, post-roll, or mid-roll ads from the player embedded parameters. If ads are set with vastAds, ads and ad sets associated with the asset in Backlot will be ignored.

VAST Ads Embedded Parameter

DMA/IP Geo Blocking Features

The country geo-blocking feature is now supported at the DMA region and IP address/range levels as well. This gives providers an improved level of granularity for geo-blocking. These new features can be configured in the same way that country geo restrictions are configured (APIs or Backlot UI).

Publishing Rules

Toggling Cue Point Markers

Note: This feature is currently available for Flash desktop and FreeWheel ads only.

You can now show or hide cue point markers on the scrubber bar during ad playback. By default, cue point markers are hidden. You can display cue point markers by setting the new shouldDisplayCuePointMarkers parameter to True. Alternatively, you can call the new shouldDisplayCuePointMarkers JavaScript API (passing a Boolean TRUE) on the console log while the player is playing.

Player V3 JavaScript API Functions

Cue Point Markers

Documentation Release Items

The following are new documentation release items: