2014-12-17 Release

Notable changes include Google IMA improvements for the HTML5 player and the release of the mobile SDK v.3.2.1 for iOS and Android.

Mobile SDK for Android 3.2.1 Released

Updates and Enhancements

  • The SDK now includes new SecurePlayer libraries for Playready playback on Android L devices.
  • The SDK API documentation in now found in the SDK APIDocs directory.

Mobile SDK for iOS 3.2.0 Released

Release 3.2.0 Release Date 11/14

Updates and Enhancements

This release includes the following updates and enhancements:

  • The Getting Started sample app is updated for the ARM64 architecture.

  • The PlayAd method is now exposed to allow dynamic ad insertion during playback. For more information contact your CSM.

  • Player controls are now configurable for all ads, including Google IMA ads.

  • Freewheel ads cue points are now configurable.

  • The iOS Mobile SDK is updated to support the Freewheel 5.18 libraries.

Resolved Issues

The following issues are resolved in this release:

  • Post-roll ads did not play properly on AirPlay.

  • The video gravity could not be changed for ads.

  • Freewheel ad overlays appeared but did not persist as expected.

  • Post-roll ads did not play properly after the app was closed and restarted.

  • Google IMA SDK poddable ads sometimes did not play properly after a device lock event during a previous ad.

  • Google IMA SDK ads did not play in the proper sequence after a seek event.

  • Video casting display presented unexpected behavior on Chromecast after wireless connectivity stalled or failed.

  • Files were missing from the SDK DefaultControlSource folder.

Known Issues

Please review the following known issues:

  • Google IMA SDK assets continue to play on iOS 8 devices after the app is closed.

  • Google IMA SDK asset audio (no video) continues to play on iOS 8.1 devices after the scrubber is pushed to the end.

  • Freewheel ads are sometimes distorted in landscape mode.

Google IMA Improvements for HTML5

We now have increased support for Google IMA for desktop and mobile.

New Parameters for HTML5

adRequestTimeout, showInAdControlBar, and showAdMarquee are now supported for Flash and HTML5 for the Google IMA module.

Ad Rules

Ad rules are now available for Flash and HTML5. To view what ad positions are now supported per platform and browser, see Player V3 Google IMA Ad Integration.

You can set ad positions for Google IMA though DFP ad rules, which can be enabled to correctly render for an ad with the Backlot UI or Backlot API. The steps to integrate with DFP can be found at Monetizing Your Ooyala Content with DFP.
Note: Google IMA's AdRules feature supports ad-breaks without additional code. Do not use AdRules with other types of ads. We highly discourage you from mixing other adTagUrls with an AdRule adTag as it may lead to unexpected behavior. For example, we recommend against using an AdRule adTag along with a mid-roll ad position set via Backlot for Flash.

Known Issues

  • The rewind button is disabled for iOS8. We are aware of this issue and are working on a solution. In the meantime, please seek using the progress bar to “rewind” a video.
  • For iPhone with iOS7, after completely finishing a video if you select a second video to play the player will crash. The issue will manifest if you change the video stream type outside of iOS native player. This is due to an underlying iPhone iOS7 issue. We will not be fixing this issue.

Reminder: Google IMA Migration

This is a follow up to our previous messaging regarding Google’s plans to deactivate IMA v1 and IMA v2 SDKs.

Deactivation of deprecated Google IMA SDKs

Google will be deactivating IMA v1 and IMA v2 on December 31, 2014. On this date, all players integrated with IMA v1 or IMA v2 will cease to request or render video ads, and may fail to play content.

We recommend you begin your migration to Google IMA v3 immediately, especially if you are a heavy user of IMA Ads and Ad Sets. This will provide adequate time to perform the necessary testing and validation to ensure a successful migration before Google deactivates IMA v1 and IMA v2 at the end of this month.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Ooyala if you have any questions or concerns.

How can I change the IMA SDK to the latest version?

Please contact your Customer Success Manager and Brightcove Technical Support for migration instructions. You need to migrate all of your Ad Sets to use the latest Ad Source, Google IMA V3, to avoid playback problems from using deprecated or non-supported versions of Google IMA.

Discovery Updates

The Discovery API is updated to identify the bucket_info version.

Documentation Release Items