2015-02-17 Release

Notable changes for this release include a new API doc site for developers.

New Site for Developers apidocs.ooyala.com

We are excited to announce the launch of apidocs.ooyala.com, a new site for developers. The site currently contains the following:
  • Mobile SDK for Android APIs
  • Mobile SDK for iOS APIs
We have made a number of recent changes to our documentation site to improve content and accessibility. As part of that focus we have archived our non-English sites and will be assessing that content and its on-going value. You can use our English-based site to get the most current information about our products

Player Updates

  • We have updated our Google IMA HTML5 mobile support. For Google IMA skippable ads, the skip button will now render for iPad Safari in non-fullscreen mode.
  • Due to a change in the Windows Phone user agent, we will now force MP4 playback on Windows Phones.

Known issues:

The following known issues apply to the HTML5 player.

  • On mobile, backgrounding the browser during playback may result in the UI becoming out of sync until playback is resumed.
  • On mobile during ad playback, backgrounding the browser will cause the ad to pause and will cause the clickthrough URL to be opened when resuming playback.

Documentation Releases


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