2015-05-07 Release

Notable changes for this release include the release of Hook v.1.4.0 and Discovery updates.

Discovery Updates

  • The Discovery Queue is being retired due to lack of usage among Backlot users. The new Watchlist service will replace the Discovery Queue and provide additional features. Currently Watchlist is supported only on the Ooyala Media Operations Platform. Contact your Ooyala representative for more information.
  • The Similar Assets feature documentation is improved to provided clarity on returning consistent results for the query using the score_type attribute with a default value. For more information see Similar Videos the Similar Videos topic in the Discovery Developer Documentation.

Hook Updates

The Hook application is updated to version 1.4.0. This release includes the following updates:

  • An issue where ads played in reverse order is now resolved.
  • An issue where videos continued to play when the device screen was turned off is now resolved.

Documentation Updates

Requesting Approval from Twitter: Updated the instructions on how to get started with Twitter Cards.