2015-06-01 Release

Notable changes for this release include updated DFXP (TTML) styling properties support for Flash and a new QoS solution powered by NPAW's YOUBORA analytics platform.

Software Feature Releases and Updates

New Ooyala QoS Solution powered by NPAW's YOUBORA Analytics

Ooyala now offers a Quality of Service (QoS) solution powered by the NICE PEOPLE AT WORK's (NPAW)'s YOUBORA Analytics platform. Available for all Ooyala customers, this solution is an add-on service. QoS analytics help video publishers monitor and improve video stream quality, which also increases engagement. NPAW's YOUBORA offers a real-time big data processing platform for media service providers to deliver a high-quality viewing experience through the internet. With YOUBORA Analytics integrated with the Ooyala player, you can analyze and improve the health of your stream in real-time. Features and capabilities include being able to determine video start time, interruptions in service, buffering times, exits before a video has started, and more. For more information, please see Ooyala QoS Solution Powered by NPAW's YOUBORA, Quality of Service FAQ, and reach out to your Ooyala point of contact.

Updated DFXP (TTML) Styling Properties Support

We have updated our DFXP (TTML) styling properties support for Flash. For the Flash player, the following styling properties from the DFXP file will be used as default (if specified in the DFXP closed caption file):
  • Language
  • Text alignment
  • Text background color (tts:background)
  • Text color (tts:color)
  • Font size (tts:fontSize)
  • Font family (tts:fontFamily)
  • Font style (tts:fontStyle)
  • Font weight (tts:fontWeight)
  • Opacity applicable to text background or window background (tts:opacity)
For additional information on how DFXP styling properties are applied, see Supported Closed Caption DFXP (now TTML) Format.
New FreeWheel swf Released

A new swf of FreeWheel has been released. Any customers using the FreeWheel 5.5 Module (520) will automatically get these changes.

This release fixes a bug that caused slow or stalled Flash player playback for viewers of a content provider using the FreeWheel ad manager. We have improved the error handling of how plugins interact with our player APIs

This fix also reduces gaps in delivery scenarios and integrations with Ad Managers on our Flash player. The fix aims to reduce potential gaps in stream delivery and quality.

Mobile SDK for Android 4.2.0

Release 4.2.0 Released 5/27/15

New Features and Enhancements

This release includes the following updates:

Mobile SDK for iOS 4.2.0

Release 4.2.0 Released 5/27/15

New Features and Enhancements

This release includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • This release includes support for the NPAW for Youbora Integration. For more information, see the topic New Ooyala QoS Solution powered by NPAW's YOUBORA Analytics in the general release notes.
  • The OoyalaPlayer.basePlayer class and all associated methods are no longer supported.
  • The SDK is enhanced to improve transitions between all types of advertisements and content.
  • The Secure Player libraries are updated to version 03_03_00_0855.


This release fixes an issue where the Learn More and Skip Ads buttons sometimes did not work correctly when the preloadContent option was disabled.

Documentation Releases