2016-01-26 Release

Notable contents of this release include the ability to set concurrent stream limits at the asset level and support for AMP HTML5 with the V3 Ooyala Player.

Software Feature Releases

New Ability to Set Concurrent Stream Limits at the Asset Level

You can now enable concurrent stream limits at the asset level and set the limit with a Backlot API call.

See Limiting Concurrent Streams per Viewer for details on how this new feature works and an asset limit use case.

AMP HTML5 Support for the Ooyala V3 HTML5 Player

Google's accelerated mobile page (AMP) HTML is a stripped down format that lets you quickly render static content on mobile web. The Ooyala Player V3 is now embeddable in AMP HTML.

See AMP HTML5 and the Ooyala Player V3 for an example of calling the Ooyala Player using an AMP iframe.

Player Support for the Microsoft Edge Browser on Windows 10

Ooyala now supports running the Ooyala Player V3 in the Microsoft Edge browser on the Windows 10 platform.

Documentation Releases

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