2016-05-31 Release

Notable contents of this release include version 4.4.8 of the Ooyala Player V4 and version 1.4.0 of Ooyala Live.

Player V4 Release - Version 4.4.8

New Features in this Release

  • New third-party analytics plugins for Player V4.
    • The comScore analytics plugin for Player V4 is developed and maintained by comScore. If you would like to use the comScore plugin with Player V4, please contact your Ooyala account manager for details on how to enable and use the plugin. Any player version starting from 4.3.3 supports the comScore plugin.
    • The Adobe Analytics (Omniture) analytics plugin for Player V4 is developed and maintained by Ooyala. Any player version starting from 4.4.8 supports the Adobe Analytics (Omniture) plugin. See Adobe Analytics (Omniture) Plugin for details.
  • Updated default player control bar look and feel, including a completely new set of icons for playback controls and social sharing.
  • Ooyala Discovery enhancements, including a more intuitive Discovery algorithm for content recommendation.
  • Updated Google IMA plugin.
  • With this release, when using Player V4 on the iPhone mobile web, if you tap Done on the video screen, the pause screen will display. The previous release behavior would show the start screen.
  • This release fixes a bug that occurred when using HLS videos on iOS devices using the main_html5.min.js video plugin. After seeking past the buffered range, video playback would not continue. This issue is now fixed and seek behavior functions as expected.

Default Player Links

  • Core Player (required): http://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.4.8/core.min.js
  • Player Skin:
    • http://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.4.8/skin-plugin/html5-skin.min.js
    • http://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.4.8/skin-plugin/skin.json
    • http://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.4.8/skin-plugin/html5-skin.min.css
  • Video Plugins (at least one required)
    • Main video plugin for HLS and MP4: http://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.4.8/video-plugin/main_html5.min.js
    • OSMF Flash plugin for HDS: http://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.4.8/video-plugin/osmf_flash.min.js
    • Bitmovin plugin for HLS and DASH: http://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.4.8/video-plugin/bit_wrapper.min.js
  • Ad Plugins
    • Ooyala Pulse Ad Plugin: https://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.4.8/ad-plugin/pulse.min.js
    • VAST and VPAID Ad Plugin: https://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.4.8/ad-plugin/ad_manager_vast.min.js
    • Google IMA Ad Plugin: https://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.4.8/ad-plugin/google_ima.min.js
    • FreeWheel Ad Plugin: https://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.4.8/ad-plugin/freewheel.min.js
  • Analytics Plugins
    • Adobe Analytics (Omniture) Plugin: https://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.4.8/analytics-plugin/omniture.js
    • comScore Analytics Plugin: Please contact your account manager for access to this plugin.
  • Discovery: http://player.ooyala.com/static/v4/stable/4.4.8/other-plugin/discovery_api.min.js
See Player V4 Release Notes for a full list of known issues for this release.

Ooyala Live Release - Version 1.4.0

New Features and Enhancements

This release includes a new Ooyala-Facebook live integration (ooyala.com/facebooklive) that enables Ooyala Live customers to publish instantly to a Facebook page using Facebook's Live Graph API. Ooyala offers integration with Facebook Live as a free add on. Check with your Ooyala representative to determine if your current Ooyala Live setup supports Facebook syndication.

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