2017-09-27 Release

Ooyala AEM Plugin Integrates Backlot with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

The Ooyala AEM plugin integrates Backlot with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), a comprehensive content management platform solution for building websites, mobile apps and forms . You can use the Ooyala AEM plugin to:
  • Automatically create custom metadata with each asset upload.
  • Upload video into Backlot asset library directly from the plugin.
  • Insert Ooyala video component into any page.
  • Browse and search Backlot asset library while editing a page.
  • Support for both individual video assets and playlist.
  • Ability to select a video player configuration.
  • Ability to preview and play video assets on preview pages.
For more details and download information go to: http://help-ooyala.brightcove.com/resources/content-management-systems

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This content was published on 2017-09-18 at 11:00 PM UTC.