2018-01-11 Release

Ooyala Backlot Enhancements

Ooyala introduces the following new features in Backlot:
  • Backlot UI Support for uploading and managing VR 360 videos. Ooyala already supports adding videos via the Backlot API and the Ooyala Ingestion Service (OIS).
  • Backlot API support for canceling asset replacement as long as the replacement request has not yet completed.
For details, see the Ooyala Backlot Release Notes.

Ooyala Live v3.6.1 Release

This Ooyala Live patch release updates Ooyala Live API required fields and backend deployment changes. No new features are introduced in this release.

You can read the API Docs Release Notes here.

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This content was published on 2018-01-11 at 11:00 PM UTC.