Viewing the Ingest Log in Backlot

When you log in to Backlot, you can view the status of ingest jobs that you have submitted via the Ooyala Ingestion Service (OIS).

The Ingestion Feed Activity tab ("ingest dashboard") displays the processing status of a given file as well as other related information. You can apply filters to focus on smaller groups ingest jobs. For related information, see:
  • Ingestion for an introduction to OIS
  • Ingest Log REST API for programmatic access to the OIS ingest log. Users who log into the Backlot UI can view their OIS ingest log in the Ingestion Feed Activity tab.

Log In to Backlot

To see the Ingestion Feed Activity tab, you must log in to Backlot.

Navigate to the Ingestion Feed Activity Tab

Go to ACCOUNT > Ingestion Feed Activity.

View the Ingest Dashboard

The ingest dashboard displays a list of ingest jobs.
Note: If you logged in as a user with Upload Only privileges, you can see only the ingest jobs submitted by your user account. If you logged in with any privileges, you will see all ingest jobs, including those submitted by other users.
Column Description
Status Current status of this ingest job. See "Ingest Process Status" below for details.
File Name Name of the file submitted for ingest.
File Type Type of file being processed. One of the following values.
  • video
  • manifest
  • thumbnail
  • caption
Created Date and time when the ingest job was created.
Embed Code Embed code assigned by Backlot after the file was ingested successfully (status = Done).
Asset ID Asset ID assigned by Backlot after the file was ingested successfully (status = Done).

Scrolling Through the Ingest Dashboard

By default, the ingest dashboard displays data for the past month, with 100 records at a time. Scroll to the bottom of the dataset to go to subsequent pages. You can also use the Search icon at the top of the page to more quickly find the file you are looking for.

Filter the Ingest Jobs

You can focus your search by filtering the display by:
  • File Name
  • Status
  • Created Date:
    • Calendar date picker for custom date range
    • Last 1 month
    • Last 1 week
    • Last 1 Day
  • Asset ID

Ingest Process Status

During the ingest process, ingested files can undergo the following states:
Status Description
Received Indicates that the file has been received by the OIS. Once the file has been received, it becomes eligible for processing by the system.
Note: Remote assets will never be in the received state because the file is never ingested into the system.
Processing Indicates the following:
  • manifest files (CSV or XML) - syntactical validation is currently occurring.
  • media files (video, thumbnail and closed-caption files) - ingestion into the Ooyala ecosystem is currently occurring.
File Waiting Indicates that a manifest file (CSV or XML) has been ingested and processed and is waiting for the other media files (video, thumbnail and closed-caption files) to be ingested.
Metadata Waiting Indicates that a media file (video, thumbnail or closed-caption) has been ingested and is waiting for the manifest file (CSV or XML) that contains the related metadata to be ingested.
Done When processed successfully, indicates the following:
  • manifest file - the manifest is syntactically valid.
  • video file - the file (along with its metadata) has been processed and an embed code has been assigned by Ooyala.
  • thumbnail and closed-caption files - the files have been ingested and associated with the video.
Error If an issue occurs while ingesting or processing a file, the status will go into an error state. In this case, the ingest dashboard will include an error message describing what went wrong.
  • manifest file - indicates that it was found to be syntactically invalid.
  • media file (video, thumbnail and closed-caption) - indicates that there was an issue processing the file.