Getting Started with the Skin Sample Application for Android

Note: Make sure that you have Android version 4.1 or higher, and the latest version of Android Studio installed.

Get started with the Sample App and try the compiled SDK with your own application. The source code SDK is an Android Studio Project that you can link directly to your application. Source Code SDK can use either Local Hosting or JSBundle.

  1. Clone the android-sample-apps repository.
  2. Open the project in Android Studio.

    Click Open an Existing Android Studio Project or File > Open.

  3. Navigate to the OoyalaSkinSampleApp directory. Click Choose or OK.
  4. Wait for Gradle execution to complete. You should see app appear as one of the build configurations.
  5. Click Run > Run 'App', and select either a connected device or a simulator on which to run the app.

Add Your Own Test Assets

You can try the compiled SDK with your own test assets.

Just like all other SDK sample applications, you can modify the ListActivity with your own embed codes to see how your videos work. Note that your assets may require additional configuration of the application to work.

  1. Open OoyalaSkinSampleApp.
  2. Modify src/main/java/com/ooyala/sample/lists/
  3. Re-run the application.

Try the BasicPlaybackSampleApp

You can also try the compiled SDK with the BasicPlaybackSampleApp. To get started with the BasicPlaybackSampleApp, see Updating an Existing Application with the Android Skin.

Modify the Player Skin

The skin-config/skin.json config file is a JSON file that defines the look and feel of the Player UI. It can be modified and placed in the Sample App. See Customizing the Player V4 Appearance for details.