Creating Ad Sets for Integrating with Ad Sources

Instead of using your own assets, you can work with ad networks.

This section describes a general process for setting up ad sets specific to ad sources, including the following:
  1. Google IMA V3
  2. FreeWheel
  3. LiveRail
  4. Adap.TV
  5. Tremor Media
Note: Although you can use the /v2/ad_sets route to create ad sets, including specifying the ad source name, you must use the Backlot UI to edit the configuration settings for the ad source.
Note: The information required differs from ad source to ad source. Always check your ad source's documentation for exact meaning of a field.
  1. Make a POST request to /v2/ad_sets, as shown below.
       "name":"My new Ad Set",
    The Backlot API responds with a response similar to the following.
        "name":"My new Ad Set"
  2. Associate an ad from your own assets or from any number of ad sources to an ad set.
  3. With the Backlot UI complete the necessary fields for the specific ad source, as detailed in the Backlot User Guide.