Ingesting Remote Assets via MRSS

You can add or update remote assets using Media RSS (MRSS).

For more information, see Remote Assets.

When using MRSS to add or update a remote asset, you identify the asset as remote by specifying the <ooyala:remoteasset> tag (instead of <media:content>) in the MRSS feed item.

Note: To decide whether to add or update a remote asset, Ooyala uses the specified <guid> (or, if no <guid> is specified, the specified <url>) to determine whether the remote asset currently exists (update) or not (add).

Adding a Remote Asset

The following example code creates a remote asset (the specified <guid> does not exist).

<rss xmlns:media="" xmlns:dcterms="" xmlns:fh="" xmlns:ooyala="" version="2.0">
  	<ooyala:remoteasset durationInMs='1000' url=""/> 
  	<media:thumbnail url=""/> 
  	<media:subTitle href=""/> 
  	<!-- set flight times --> 
  		start=2011-06-28T15:15:00-07:00; end=2022-12-01T16:00:00-07:00;scheme=W3C-DTF 

Updating a Remote Asset

For an existing remote asset, you can update the following fields via MRSS:

  • media:title
  • media:description
  • ooyala:subTitle
  • ooyala:metadata
  • dcterms:valid
  • media:thumbnail
  • ooyala:labels
When you submit the MRSS feed item, if it contains updates to any of these fields in the <item> tag, the system updates the remote asset with the applicable changes.