Trim Live Event

Trimming events is only available for event with Enable Archive selected. Trimming events allows you to view and select what portion of the event you want to archive.

Important: Events are automatically trimmed to the length of entire event if you don't choose to trim the event yourself.
  1. Add an event with Trim selected.

    To learn more about adding and event, see Add an Event.

  2. Go to the EVENTS details page and find your event. .

    (2) After your event has finished, it goes into Pending state.

    (2) When the Event Status is Trimming, you have time to go and trim the event yourself. Event Auto Trim in indicates the time you have to manually trim the event before it is automatically trimmed for you.

  3. Click DETAILS for your event.
  4. Go to the MONITOR tab on the event details page.
  5. Drag the controls at either end of the clip to select what you want to archive.
  6. Click APPLY.
  7. Monitor the status of the trimmed event from the EVENTS details page.
Broadcast the trimmed event by using the event's embed code. You can also go to Backlot to broadcast the asset with a content ID equal to the event embed code.
Tip: An event's embed code is equal to an asset ID in the Backlot REST API or the content ID in Backlot web UI.
Note: The DVR window size of a trimmed event is re-sized to match the size of the final event. This synchronizes the size of the event with the DVR window of the event, providing a seamless broadcast transition from the event to the archived asset.