Add Clips from a Live Stream

You can create short clips from a channel while it is running, save them to Backlot. This is a great way to share highlights or teasers from your live stream with viewers. To enable this feature for your account, please contact your Ooyala Customer Success Manager.

Create a new channel that has clipping enabled and create the clips. The DVR Window size determines the size of the clipping buffer.

Live Clipping Workflow

  1. You must add a channel that has been enabled for clipping.
    Important: Clipping is a profile dependent feature. An Ooyala representative must enable your Live profile for clipping before you will see the Clipping option.
  2. Log in to Live and make sure the Clipping enabled channel is running.
  3. Go to the Clipping tab in the channel's details view.

    Understanding the Clipping Tab

    • 1.) Preview window and video controls— this window displays the contents of the DVR window.
    • 2.) Clip sizing tool—the slider bar on the bottom let's you select the SET IN and SET OUT time relative to the buffer sized. The top bar illustrates the size of the clip you selected.
    • 3.) Clip controls—use the clip sizing tool and controls to select what you want from the buffer.
      1. Slide the button on the sizing tool to where you want to start and stop the clip.
      2. Click the appropriate button.
      3. Click EXPORT to save the clip to Backlot. You must provide a title and description for your clip. Click SUBMIT, to process the clip.
    • 4.) Status—clips have 4 statuses.
      1. Creating
      2. Uploading
      3. Transcoding
      4. Completed

    Things to think about

    • Your DVR window size determines the clipping buffer size.
    • A clips maximum size is always slightly shorter than the size of the buffer.

  4. Slick the segment you want to clip from the buffer.
  5. Click EXPORT.
Tip: Clips are stored as assets in your Backlot account.