Add Playlists

You can stream prerecorded videos from Ooyala Backlot. To do this, you create a playlist of videos in Ooyala Live, add videos to the playlist, associate the playlist with a channel, and run the channel. When you no longer need a playlist, you can remove it. To enable playlists for your account, please contact your Ooyala Customer Success Manager.

To work with playlists, it helps to understand what each of the following elements on the Playlist Details does.

  • Update button: Applies changes to the information on the Playlist details page.
  • Remove button: Deletes the playlist, not the video associated with it.
  • Playlist Title: The title of the playlist.
  • Description: A description of the playlist.
  • Number of Videos: The number of videos in the playlist.
  • Duration: The total runtime of all the videos in the playlist.
  • Channel: The name of the channel associated with the playlist. The colored indicator shows the state of the channel: running (green), error (red), or starting/pending (gray).
  • The playlist's preview image, which is borrowed from the first video in the playlist.
  • Playlist: The list of videos, with the Edit and Add buttons.
  • Edit button: Opens the Edit Playlist window, which you can use to edit a playlist
  • Add button: Opens the Add videos to playlist window, which you can use to add videos to the playlist.


  • You must add a Playlist to a Channel at the time you add the channel, see Channel Encoding Setup You must select the "Simulated Live - Input" profile to add playlists that allow streaming of VOD assets.
  • To remove a Playlist, you must first delete the associated channel.